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Technical Recruitment – Connecting your organization with expert technical talent in the latest techstacks and industry trends. Our tech experts will help you create and structure your engineering teams from scratch.

Executive Search – Partnering with your organization to identify and secure exceptional leaders who possess the expertise to drive your organization’s success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Off-shore Teams – helping you unlock the potential of global talent by building highly skilled off-shore teams that seamlessly integrate with your organization. Leverage global expertise at lower costs and zero quality compromise

Remotely-managed Teams – looking for a one-window solution to team search and management? We’ll build you remote teams, ensuring smooth collaboration and enable you to achieve your business goals with flexibility and efficiency

Part-time/Project-Based/Freelancing Retainers – Offering flexible staffing solutions for specific projects or ongoing support, providing access to specialized professionals who contribute their expertise on a part-time basis, allowing you to scale your workforce as needed while optimizing cost

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  • Average turn-around time: 4-7 working days

  • Dedicated Key Account Management

  • Real-time Updates

  • Service Guarantee & Free Replacement Coverage

  • Easy-pay Plans*

*applicable for certain geographies only.