Who are we?

Zeta Corp is a learning & talent development firm based in Karachi that focuses on optimizing talent and developing skills in individuals via experiential learning based training solutions. Team Zeta is passionate to work with companies in a partnership scenario and provide learning solutions via the development of their human capital, brand enhancement and public service.

Zeta’s Vision

Facilitating Tomorrow!

Zeta’s Mission

Facilitating learning ensuring competence for human & organizational excellence!

Zeta’s Aim

We don’t wish to provide all, but instill in them the curiosity to find, the creativity to develop and courage to implement the learning!


Zeta’s Values

Our values instill in us the sense of achievement and distinction:
– Service First, Sales Later
– Sell Profits, not Products
– Lifelong Learning
– Quality over Quantity
– Under Commit, Over Deliver
– Our People, Our Future

Our Learning Methodologies

At Zeta, learning has no boundaries! We offer a wide range of forums to ensure employee participation and learning oriented outcomes:
– On & Off-site learning
– Interactive meet-ups & Keynotes
– Strategic Retreats
– Simulations and role plays
– Brainstorming sessions and FGDs
– Knowledge Audits


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